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Notice of Annual Meeting


The non-profit Community Music Center Inc. will hold its Annual Meeting on Friday, June 9 at 7:00 pm (followed by youth ensembles and soloists) in the David Beasley Campbel Recital Hall of the Community Music Center, 3350 SE Francis Street in Portland, Oregon, 97202. Agenda includes such business as shall legally come before the membership. A full agenda and minutes from prior year are posted below. Contact the Director if you have any questions, or wish to learn more about serving on the CMC Inc. Board.

Voting members of the non-profit are individuals who have donated at least $35 to CMC Inc. in the fiscal year, current students of CMC 18 years or older, and/or parents of youth students at CMC.


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Who is eliglble to vote
  • Approval of Minutes from 2022 Annual Meeting (see below)
  • Election of Members
  • Returning members (3-year term): Judy Rompa & Kevin Lefohn
  • New member (3-year term): Jody Redifer & Effie Avsker
  • Graduates and Awardees
  • Announcements & Appreciation
  • Thank you to retiring board member Brian Wagner
  • Other Business
  • Adjourn

Minutes from Annual Meeting 2022

"Community Music Center Inc. Board of Directors

Annual Meeting June 4, 2022 at 1:00 PM, CMC Auditorium with livestream on Zoom

Executive Director Gregory Dubay introduced Board President Brian Wagner who introduced CMC Inc and board members to the attendees and called the meeting to order.

Gregory Dubay explained the voting eligibility.

Approval of minutes:

JC Smith moved to approve the minutes, Brian Wagner seconded. Approved unanimously.

Elections of Members - Brian Wagner presented the slate of nominees for returning members and new member:

Peter Tsiorba (new), Sara Watts (returning), Kathrine Schroeder (returning). JC Smith moved to approve, Brian seconded. Approved unanimously.

Gregory Dubay pointed out to those present the CMC student awards and honors list typed in the printed program. Brian Wagner thanked Jim Toussaint, a retiring board member, for his service to the board for the last 11 years. Brian Wagner thanked Gregory Dubay for 20 years as executive director.

Meeting adjourned 1:10pm

Minutes submitted by Matthew Morgan, Secretary”