Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: 6/8 Madrigal Singers

Money Raised: $0.00  Campaign Goal: $200.00

Watch CMC's Madrigal Singers show poise, polish, and pizzazz as they put forward diligently prepared pieces to public acclaim on June 8, under the direction of Anna Briscoe.

Support the young people of our community in this positive pursuit with a tax-deductible cash donation to CMC that provides need-based scholarships so that children can have harmony in their lives regardless of family income level.

Pick your event or student to sponsor from the list, or press the general event "Donate" button and specify the student you are honoring. $10 sponsors a student. $50 sponsors the recital. Students you sponsor become eligible for prizes, and if the class meets the fundraising goal, they get pizza at the reception!

See the Making Musicians Festival page for more information.

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