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Community Music Center Student Awards

School Year 2022-23

Congratulations and "Bravo!" to the students and teachers listed below, and to all who are striving toward excellence in music!  Be sure to also view our list of graduating seniors, with photos and biographies about all their impessive achievements! 

Monetary awards:

Award Student Teacher
Dorothea Lensch Merit Award Blodgett Isabel Zita Jefferson, Margaret Murer, & Cynthia Scott
Dorothea Lensch Merit Award Bock Nathaniel Cynthia Scott
Louis & Annette Kaufman Music Achievement Award Cheskin Ted Cynthia Scott
John L. Judge Merit Award Holbrook Soren Anthony Dyer
Marian Swartz Merit Award Nakajima Jin Collin Oldham
Louis & Annette Kaufman Music Achievement Award Rapp Yoshiya Jonathan Cheskin & Zita Jefferson
Marian Swartz Merit Award Rapp Isaya Jonathan Cheskin & Zita Jefferson
Louis & Annette Kaufman Music Achievement Award Tang Jonathan Scott Belleri, Jonathan Cheskin, & Margaret Murer
Louis & Annette Kaufman Music Achievement Award Ward Lukas Zita Jefferson

Director's List (non-monetary):

Student Teacher
Hana Bausmann Isabel Dammann
Charlotte Beadie Jonathan Cheskin & Margaret Murer
Eva Blodgett Zita Jefferson
Anastasia Bock Jonathan Cheskin
Seyi Carven Jonathan Cheskin
Alvin Chan Zita Jefferson
Annie Chen Timothy Van Cleave
Flora Chen Andrew Ehrlich
Raymond Colburn Jonathan Cheskin
Elouan Grimm Katherine Schultz
Evelyn Kartini Isabel Dammann
Kaleb Kidney Jonathan Cheskin
Aliya Kobus Margaret Murer
Naomi Liao Zita Jefferson
Connie Ma Andrew Ehrlich
Winnie Ma Andrew Ehrlich
Akira Piland Isabel Dammann
Yasmine Richter Jonathan Cheskin
Sofie Skovierova Katherine Schultz
Asa Smith Jonathan Cheskin
Eurydice Thomas Scott Belleri
Ethan Yang Timothy Van Cleave
Hanwei Zhang Jonathan Cheskin